Cobra-60-3X micro trench fiber optic delivery machine

The Cobra-60-3X fiber optic micro trench machine is a high-performance professional machine for FTTH 'delivery' micro trench with depth up to 20 cm, width 15-30 mm.

Why choose a Cobra-60-3X

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Features of the Cobra-60-3X delivery fiber optic micro trench machine

The Cobra-60-3X machine is capable of producing a micro trench of 17, 22, 27 or 32 mm in width (the most common configurations), with a furrow depth of 15 cm (when equipped with 500 mm diameter discs) or 20 cm (600 mm discs).
The machine operates with 2, 3 or 4 discs mounted axially and spaced by a series of spacers supplied with the machine.
Maximum efficiency is achieved with a wet cut, thanks to the integrated 50-litre water tank.
However, with premium discs of 500 e 600 mm premium discs, dry cutting is also possible.
The newly designed disc guard incorporates an improved cooling system and a unique water inlet. When connected to a industrial vacuum cleaner for liquidsWhen connected to an air intake, this feature significantly reduces sludge dispersion on the ground.
By adjusting the configuration of the discs and spacers, different trench widths are possible to quickly adapt to the terrain and application. More information by downloading the:

>> Guida Rapida di Configurazione <<

>> Mounting Discs (video)>>

As an alternative to the 2/3/4 diamond discs diamond discs, available in widths of 16 and 20 mm, and diameter 600 mm (depth 20 cm), can be used.

Spacer kits are supplied with the machine to configure the trench width:

3 x 2.5 mm spacers
3 x 5 mm spacers
2 x 10 mm spacers

Also included is the CBM monitoring and geolocation system

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