Easyflow Smart automatic fiber optic cable blower-pusher machine

With the Easyflow Smart automatic cable-blowing machine, Fremco has created an innovative product of absolute prominence in the world: the first (and only) fully automatic cable-blowing machine.

The operator should set the diameter of the microcable and microtube, carry out the necessary preliminary operations .... and press START.

The machine will autonomously and "intelligently" push the cable at the highest possible speed compatible with the laying conditions, adjust the flow rate of compressed air, and adjust the pressure of the rubber chains on the cable, autonomously adopting all the strategies used by truly experienced operators.

All this is done to reach the maximum distance, in the shortest possible time and reducing the risk of cable damage to practically zero and, not insignificantly, with the utmost care in terms of operator safety.

Easyflow Smart is powered by 230V, 50Hz, and only a small electric generator is needed to use it in the field.

The Easyflow Smart automatic cable blower-pusher machine is a connected device by means of the supplied tablet. For each fiber-optic cable-laying activity, time, cable speed, and all operational and safety parameters, as well as geolocation, are recorded.
All this data can be transferred to the Fremco database named Opticloud to keep track of activities by the project manager. This feature makes Easyfow Smart compliant with the requirements of Transition 4.0(20 percent deduction for 2023)

From Fremco's sole importer for Italy, support, training and maintenance.

Available on order

Features of Fremco Easyflow Smart automatic cable blowing-pushing machine for laying fiber optic cables

  • Microcable diameter: 4-16 mm
  • Microtube diameter: 8-40 mm
  • Maximum laying distance: 3500 m
  • Maximum laying speed: 80 m/min
  • Maximum air pressure: 16 bar
  • Air volume: up to 12000 liters/min
  • Power supply: 230 Vac, max 600 W
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Dimensions: 400 x 621 x 340 mm

Contents of the standard kit provided

  • Easyflow Smart automatic cable-blowing machine equipped for laying 6-9.5 mm diameter micro-cables in 12 mm diameter micro-tubes
  • Android tablet with dedicated app
  • Transport case (which serves as the base for operation)
  • 230 V 1kW 50 Hz generator (optional)

Suggested motor compressors:


Beneficial asset under the "New National Plan Transition 4.0

(20% tax credit for the year 2023)

Benefit of up to 45% thanks to the "Bonus South

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