Giuntatrice a fusione con allineamento sul core, 6 motori, 3 assi

1.690,00  IVA ESCLUSA

Giuntatrice per fibra ottica con allineamento sul core a 6 motori
Ottima per ogni utilizzo, anche intensivo
Fornita di taglierina, pinza spelafibre, accessori e valigia di trasporto
Pezzo unico, nuovo, garanzia Italia 12 mesi


Giuntatrice a fusione con allineamento sul core, 6 motori, 3 assi

Applicable fiber: SM(ITU-T G.652),MM(ITU-T G.651),DS(ITU-T G.653),NZDS(ITU-T G.655), EDFA, others(including G.657)
Diameter of cladding: 80 -150μm
Diameter of coating: 160-900μm
Typical splice loss: SM: 0.02dB, MM: 0.01dB, DS: 0.04dB, NZDS: 0.04dB
Return loss > 60dB
Typical splicing time: 6 seconds
Typical heating time: 18 seconds for 60mm and 40mm shrinkable sleeves
Fiber magnification: 250X (X or Y view), 125X (X and Y view)
Display screen: 5.0 inch color LCD monitor
Records storage 5000 groups data and 100 groups image
Tension test >2.2N
Battery: 5200mAh Li-battery, typical 300 cycles splicing and heating
Power supply adapter: input: AC 220±30V(50/60HZ), output:DC 12±2V
Electrodes life More than 5000 ARC arcs
Ports: USB2.0 port, for uploading splicer results and upgrading software
Operating conditions: Altitude: 0-5000m, Humidity: 0-95%,Operating Temperature: -25℃~+50℃, Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃;Wind speed: Max 15m/s
Dimension: 156mm(L) * 141mm(W) * 156mm(H) (including rubber armor)
Weight 2.45kg (including battery)