FAQs: many have been the questions we have been asked by our customers and visitors. Below we have collected a small part of them that designates their major recurrence. If you do not find the question you have to ask us, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to dispel any of your doubts regarding the world of fiber optics. And remember whether it is a simple question or advice, your opinion is important to us.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a pretty good idea by visiting our sites dedicated(CABLE BLOWERS | JUNCTATORS | OTDR) to these topics, where you will find a lot of material, including guides, specifications and videos, and practically all the sheets translated into Italian from the original Vendor. But the simplest and most complete solution is to contact us.

We have signed cooperation contracts with leading financial institutions specialising in capital goods.

Long-term rental with final redemption is possible, as is leasing.
As a rule, there are no advance payments, but monthly instalments for the duration of the financing, with full-risk insurance cover.
And resolution times are calculated in ... hours.

To find out more, visit the specific section

YES, we offer training courses normally associated with the sale of products. These are the most common topics

  • Use and maintenance of fusion splicers
  • Course for splicers
  • Testing and certification of optical links
  • Testing and certification of LANs
  • Use and maintenance of blowing machines

Courses vary in length depending on the subject matter and the number of participants, and can be held at our premises or at the client's premises.

As a rule we have:

  • Blowing machines for long or short distances
  • Fusion splicers
  • LAN Cat6a/Cat7/Cat7a,Cat8 certifiers
  • Optical certifiers
  • OTDR in SM and MM versions

We also offer hire purchase. If you like the goods, we discount a portion of the rental price.
The price depends on the asset and the duration.
Full details of the proposal can be found HERE

Warranty terms depend on the product and the vendor.
In general, all components are guaranteed for 12 months according to current legislation.
Equipment and instruments have warranty periods of 12, 24 and 36 months. In some cases it is also possible to get an extension of up to 5 years. It is best to visit the product sheet and, if in doubt, contact us.

NO, in general we are not.

We are a company that sells to its customers using 'traditional' methods

However, for some products, which will tend to expand more and more, it is also possible to buy online, at prices that are normally more advantageous than traditional sales.

To request after-sales service on a product supplied by us, or on a product of a vendor represented by us, simply contact us using the form on this page, indicating in the notes the manufacturer, model, serial number (if any) and, in more detail, the problem encountered.


RERTECH has suitable solutions for all laying, installation and testing requirements for fibre optic systems. A vast archive of illustrations, data sheets and specifications will help you make the best choice for your project.

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