Heat shrinkable joint cover tube for optical fiber (micro) L:35mm D:1.2mm

This heat shrinkable fiber optic joint cover tube is specially made for protecting fiber optic joints from mechanical stresses and environmental factors.

It consists of an outer component made of heat-shrinkable irradiation material, an inner vinyl tube, and a longitudinal metal reinforcement device.

Length 35 mm, diameter after shrinkage 1.2 mm, to allow use in high-density environments with buffer-free fiber
Conforms to TIM specification ST739
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Features of heat shrinkable tube cover for optical fiber

Outer tube
Material: transparent irradiated polyolefin conforming to MIL-I 23053/5 class 2
Operating temperature -50°C +125°C
Resistance > 0.4 Mpa
Elongation > 200
H2O absorption: max 0.05%
Minimum heat shrink temperature: 70°C
Temperature resistance: 150°C, 4 hrs
Cold flexural strength: -30°C, 1 hrs, without cracking
Inert to mold and mildew

Inner tube
Material: Ethyl Vinyl Acetate
Diameter 0.90 mm, thickness 0.20 mm
Breaking load: 200 kg/cm2
Elongation: 700%
Vical temperature: 67°C

Metal reinforcement
Material: 316 stainless steel, 0.50mm diameter polished to a mirror finish

Functional characteristics
Length 35 mm
Fiber type: monofiber maximum diameter 0.40 mm
Diameter after shrinkage: 1.2 mm
Compliance: Telcordia GR-1380-core

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