FTTH fiber optic extension cable

At last, a solution for extending FTTH fiber to your apartment!

22,000  Excluding VAT

10 units available

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FTTH fiber optic extension cord features

Fiber optic extension in one's apartment is no longer a problem

Thanks to this ingenious accessory, which hides as much as 40 meters of fiber optics inside, you can easily relocate your modem/router to the most suitable area of your apartment.

The extension cord contains 40 meters of 9/125 G657A1 single-mode fiber, and has a male SC/APC connector (to connect to the operator-supplied optical socket) and a female connector (optical socket) that you will use to connect to your utility (normally, the modem/router).

The fiber contained in the extension cord is very thin (less than 1 mm) and is white in color.

It can be unwound from the inner binder for the required length, thus avoiding skeins that are not very elegant to look at

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