CS-01BT Top-of-the-line fibre optic cutter

The best product on the market in its price range
Automatic movement with spring/damper system for maximum cutting quality
Self-rotating blade: requires no operator intervention and has a 75,000-cut lifetime
Automatic stub collector
Made in South Korea
Service, maintenance and support in Italy
3-year warranty

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RERTECH - ucl swift

Comprehensive, high quality product.

The movement is of the self-arming type with automatic movement of the slide thanks to a hydraulic damper. This feature allows constant cutting characteristics regardless of the operator.
Each time the spring assembly is reloaded, the cutter blade undergoes a micro-rotation. Thanks to this feature, the blade wire wears evenly throughout the life of the blade, without the need for intervention.
The fibre piece is automatically deposited in the fibre container after cutting.


Fibre diameter: 125 µm
Coating diameter: 250-900 µm
Cutting length 5-20 mm
Angle: 90° ± 0.5°
Blade life: >75,000 cuts
Dimensions: mm 58x55x48
Weight: kg 0.34

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