Golden Modem - Tester VDLS2 profilo 35b (300 Mbps) e G-FAST (1000 Mbps) ST332B G.FAST

Questo Golden Modem – Tester VDSL2 300Mbps è conforme agli standard ITU per ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2, G-FAST e READSL

Il prodotto è conforme a questi standard, e perfettamente compatibile con i profili utilizzati in Italia:

  • VDSL2: conforme ai profili 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a, 35b (300 Mbps)
  • G.FAST: G.9700/9701 (1000 Mbps)

Multimetro digitale integrato
Alimentazione con batterie Li-Ion ricaricabili
Menù in italiano

410,000  Iva esclusa

Disponibili 11 Unità

RERTECH - senter

Caratteristiche del golden modem – tester per VDSL2

Test objects: ADSL; ADSL2; ADSL2+; READSL; VDSL2 up to 35b, G.Fast
Support Annex A or Annex B, Annex L, Annex M
Fast Copper tests with DMM (ACV, DCV, Loop and Insulation Resistance, Capacitance, Distance)
Supports Modem emulation and simulating login to Internet
Supports ISP login (username / password) and IP Ping test (WAN PING Test, LAN PING Test)
Supports all multi-protocol, PPPoE / PPPoA (LLC or VC-MUX)
Connects to CO via alligator clip or RJ11
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Beep and LEDs alarm indications (Lower Power, PPP, LAN,xDSL)
Data memory fuction
LCD display, Menu operation
Auto shut off if no any operation on keyboard
Compliant with all known DSLAMs
Software management
Simple, portable and money-saved


DSL Physical layer test
Modem Emulation (Replace the user Modem completely)
PPPoE Dialing (RFC1683,RFC2684,RFC2516)
PPPoA Dialing (RFC2364)
Telephone Function
DMM Test
Ping Function (WAN & LAN)
Data upload to computer and software management
Setup system parameter: backlight time, shut off automatically time without operation, press tone,
Revise PPPoE / PPPoA dial attribute, user name and password; restore factory value and so on.
Check dangerous voltage
Four grades service judge(Excellent, Good, OK, Poor)

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