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Mini OTDR for single-mode and multi-mode optical fiber ATO-750MD28

This valuable OTDR for single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics is an inexpensive yet effective solution for certification of optical links in the networking environment.

The instrument is able to offer good performance thanks to good software that also allows the representation of the optical link in the form of a block diagram

2.990,000  Excluding VAT

2 Units available

Features of the mini OTDR for single-mode and multi-mode fiber ATO-750MD35

  • Version for multi-mode and single-mode fiber, 850/1300 and 1310/1550 nm
  • Dynamic range 28/30 dB (850/1300 nm) and 28/26 dB (1310/1550 nm)
  • Perfect for networking applications
  • Good for distances up to 40/50 km (single-mode)
  • Includes VFL, OPM and LS
  • Prepared for microscopic probes for connector analysis (e.g., DI-1000)
  • Menu in Italian

The kit contains

  • OTDR
  • AC adapter
  • Calibration certificate
  • Transport bag

Excluding launching reels

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