Contactless laser tachometer

Remote reading of RPM, RPS or PPS (Vibration, Pulses Per Second)
No reflective tape required
5-digit LED display
Up to 40,000 PPS
NiMh battery

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The LT-880 is a laser-based contactless tachometer designed to accurately detect rotating or vibrating features based on the presence/absence of a reflective surface hit by the light beam.
The reflection is achieved by applying a black/white pattern to the rotating surface, which is easily done with any laser printer. It is not necessary to use reflective surfaces.
The output signal can be read directly on the display or used by an external instrument, e.g. a spectrum analyser.
The sensor is equipped with a 5-metre cable, which allows it to be placed in confined areas or areas that are difficult for other types of sensors to access.

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