Cobra-70-3X fiber optic micro trench machine (Transition 4.0)

The Cobra-70-3X fiber optic micro trench machine is a high-performance professional machine for FTTH 'delivery' micro trench with depth up to 28 cm, width 12-30 mm.

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Features of the Cobra-70-3X fiber optic micro trench machine

The Cobra-70-3X machine is capable of microtrenching between 12 and 30 mm in width (depending on the disc configuration) with a maximum furrow depth of 28 cm.
These features make it optimal for FTTH delivery installations in rural or residential areas (so-called Cluster C and D).
The machine's design features make it much more effective than using low-end furrow-cutting machines, and at the same time its relatively small size allows it to be easily transported in medium-sized fugons.


As a rule, the machine operates with 3 diamond discs for asphalt/cement, mounted axially and spaced by the spacers provided, thanks to which the desired excavation width can be determined. The maximum diameter of the discs is 700 mm. The depth of excavation depending on the diameter of the discs is as follows:

  • 500 mm disc: maximum depth 180 mm
  • 600 mm disc: maximum depth 230 mm
  • 700 mm disc: maximum depth 280 mm

Alternatively, diamond grinding wheels with diameters up to 600 mm (excavation depth 23 cm) and width 16 or 20 mm can be used

Processing is wet, thanks to the capable 50-liter water tank equipped with a specific disc cooling system.

The Cobra-70-3X micro trenching machine is made with the use of high quality and sturdy materials for continuous use over time without any problems except only routine maintenance.

It is recommended to use a industrial vacuum cleaner for liquids to significantly reduce the dispersion of the liquid on the ground.

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Tax deduction

The Conbra-70-3X fiber optic micro trenching machine complies with the requirements of the National Transition 4.0 plan, and therefore enjoys the tax deduction in the form of tax credit. Compliance is achieved with the provision of the remote monitoring and geolocation system named. CBM.


Beneficial asset under the "New National Plan Transition 4.0

(20% tax credit for the year 2023)

Benefit of up to 45% thanks to the "Bonus South

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