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Fusion splicers. What is an ALL in ONE

UCLSwift's fusion splicers integrate thermal stripping, cleaning, cutting, splicing and splice protection into one convenient unit, reducing installation time and improving connection reliability. ALLINONE provides an excellent working platform for high productivity.
1. StrippingNo scratches from heated stripping.Stripping time: 1 second.Tensile strength of the fibre after stripping - over 5 kgf.Characterising the excellent tensile strength of the fibre, the automatic fibre stripper strips up to 28mm in length without damaging the fibre surface.The minimum stripping length must be longer than 18mm.
2. CleaningOne-touch pump.The alcohol pump can be removed and filled with cleaning liquid.To avoid splashing of alcohol, please cover the top of the dispenser with a cleaning cotton and push it in.
3. CutDesigned to cut the fibre at a 90 degree angle, the fibre fragments are collected in the sliding chip box on the side of the body.
4. JunctionSplicing available from 1 core to 12 cores.After splicing, the fibre splice must be visually perfect.
5. Joint protectionShrinkage takes 20-35 seconds.Equipped with sleeve loader to prevent contamination and provide convenience.Increased productivity from built-in sleeve unit.

Swift KF4A is a highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE coating alignment fusion splicer, designed to systematically perform the main 5 multi-functional functions of stripping, cleaning, cutting, splicing and sleeve splicing. In addition, the Optical Power Meter and V.F.L (Visual Fault Locator) can be optionally incorporated into the machine. The optional devices can allow users to immediately check the splice result without additional tools.

(ALLINONE+, KF4A+) Swift KF4A is the best solution for fusion splicing and fusion splice connector (SOC) of FTTH network applications, which can eliminate fatal problems of conventional mechanical connectors that have low quality characteristics, weak lifetime and high maintenance cost. Swift KF4A with Fusion Splice Connector can offer customers the best return on investment.

Splicer with active clad alignment - 3 axes, 4 Swift-KF4T motors - RERTECH



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