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New National Transition 4.0 Plan: RERTECH services for 2021/2022 grants

The 2020 Budget Law has made changes to the benefits for companies investing in innovation, moving from the Impresa 4.0 Plan to the Transition 4.0 Plan. The investment consists of €24 billion earmarked for increasing the deduction rates of several categories of assets, the costs of which can be offset.

The aim is to stimulate private sector investment and provide more stability for businesses with measures that take effect from November 2020 to June 2023.

Among the novelties are the new tax credits foreseen for 2 years; the early start of the measure on 16 November 2020 and the confirmation of the possibility to benefit from the credit with the payment of a deposit of at least 20% for contracts for the purchase of capital goods defined within 31/12/2022 and delivery within the following 6 months.

The new tax credit covers investments by companies in non 4.0 and 4.0 tangible and intangible assets; research and development, technological, green and digital innovation; design and aesthetic conception and 4.0 training.

Software and applications, such as management software, and training activities dedicated to the acquisition of all the skills needed for the 4.0 transition are also covered.

The 2021 tax credit introduced new rates and ceilings that vary according to the type of activity and assets. You can consult the rates and learn more here and on the MISE website.

Businesses and companies that want to take part in the 4.0 transaction can take advantage of these benefits and speed up the transformation process by turning to industry experts such as RERTECH.

RERTECH is one of the leaders in the telecommunications and data transmission sector and has been providing everything companies need to facilitate the 4.0 transition for over 25 years.

Supplier of equipment, instrumentation and components, specialising in fibre optics. Additional services include: training courses to train staff in the use of the equipment and individual or group courses on data transmission and fibre optics.

These services are part of the benefits of the National Plan Transition 4.0 and can be requested to support the adoption and implementation of intelligent and smart systems within the management and production processes of companies.

We would also like to remind you that the credit can only be used as a set-off, starting from the tax period following that of the eligible expenditure made, by means of the F24 form to be submitted to the Revenue Office.

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